Monday, July 17, 2017


Wow, I let this go, for almost 6 years. Time flies.

I still photograph the cereus (and other flowers and landscapes), but I started posting my pictures to Facebook instead, as that's much easier to use, although my account is not public [1]. I also have started posting pictures to Instagram, to an account I recently made public. I've been retouching a lot of old pictures with some new software and (slightly) improved skills I've acquired over the years, so come visit me there. The cereus page I created years ago is still alive, but the software I used to create it is not, so it's hard to update.

On the personal side, I retired from UCLA in 2015 and moved to Albany, NY, where I now teach at the SUNY campus there. The cereus came along, although I have to say it doesn't seem to like the New York environment much. No blooms so far this year -- not even a single bud -- but the plant is busying itself producing long, green shoots. The summer is short here, and the winter harsh, so the plant is running out of time to make a show in 2017. In the past, the plant had a habit of producing a bloom or two on my (September) birthday, and maybe there's still a little hope of that this year!

[1] There is a "Robert G. Fovell" on Facebook but, although that (rather hideous) picture is of me, I did not create that page.


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