Sunday, May 11, 2008

The old cereus returns...

As a friend's cereus is already blooming, I thought it time to revisit our own plant, a replacement for the one done in by the January, 2007, freeze. The cutting obtained that summer had been growing indoors, but was transplanted to an outdoor location just last week. It is still growing well, though it still seems unlikely there will be any blooms from it this year.

But the real story here may be the original cereus wasn't completely dead after all! Look carefully in the photo below and see that new growth has very recently appeared near one of the plant's old, ostensibly dead leaves. After we decided the plant was a goner during the summer of 2007, this pot was largely neglected, and rarely watered. Maybe a little neglect is sometimes a good thing? :-)



At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't feel too badly. Your friend's pink epiphyllum, although extremely beautiful, is one of the hybrids that likely won't show again until next Spring with it's terrestrial cousins. What floors me here in Florida is when I see it flourishing like some kind of groundcover, by people, to put it kindly, just too dumb to know any better. Now, that ain't right!

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Spirit said...

Mr. Fovell,

I've just today read your post dated June 23, 2007in which you point out that I used your picture without asking your permission. Unfortunately, in my rush to post the poem, I found it more expedient to erase the copyright than to ask for permission. For that I am very sorry. I have removed the image and replaced it with a much less beautiful one from Wikipedia.

Please also note that the post about Jews that you find so reprehensible was in fact a quote from the Arab Press. It was posted without comment with the assumption that those reading it would be as appalled as I was.

I could find no email address to send you this. If you wish to communicate with me directly, my email is

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Robert Fovell said...

Hello Spirit,

Thanks for writing to me. I am also posting this on my site as a reply to your post.

I am happy to accept your apology. I will soon update the page where I drew attention to your use of my photo.

I hope you and other readers understand my position and rationale. As I have stated on my cereus-related pages, it is my practice to grant permission to persons and organizations for non-profit (and occasionally, for profit) use, as long as a photo credit and/or my signature remain with the picture and I approve of the use. This way, I can share my images with persons of my choosing. If I don't defend my right to my own work, the pictures will enter the public domain, which will deprive me of the right to choose who may use them.

If you wish to revise your page yet again to include one of my pictures, you may do so, providing the copyright remains attached.

(By the way, I also get a lot of email related to this site. Responses may be delayed or may never come, depending on how deeply your email gets buried in my inbox.)

Robert Fovell


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