Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mostly setting and rising (March 2008)

Spring break took us to (only) our second trip to Lake Tahoe, the first having been almost exactly three years ago. The lake provides a nice canvas for the sun and moon, both of which are most dramatic when relatively low on the horizon. The first picture below juxtaposes a setting sun with a shot of the moon taken just before dawn.

A few more sunset shots:

Finally, a waterfall near Emerald Bay...

On the way back, we passed through the Grapevine/Gorman area on I-5 which in years past has played host to some amazing spring flower displays. Although this has not been a wet winter here in Southern California, what rain did come was concentrated in January when it ostensibly has the potential to do the most good for spring flowers. However, while there are reports of very nice blooms at lower elevations to the south, there was little activity (yet) around the Grapevine. Just a few more weeks?



At 8:48 AM, Blogger lascaux said...

Extraordinary visions. This area has all 'glommed' itself together in my geographically challenged memory; but I recall the Goldrush Country along 49 with its covered bridges, valleys, and streams, can be very picturesque and vibrant in Spring after the snow melt. Not quite the green of the Napa Valley, but a close runner up.


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