Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blooms after sunrise 9-06 and 9-07-2005

The cereus plant has bloomed the last two nights (Sept. 5th and 6th). Since this plant started blooming in June, 2000, most of the flowers have closed prior to sunrise. However, September blooms seem to persist longer, at least with this plant. The first picture below was taken this morning (Sept. 7th), just as the rising sun was able to peek over the house next door and reach the flower.

The previous night, three buds opened, two of which are shown below, again shortly after sunrise.

The third flower was situated beneath the two seen in the picture, which blocked the obscured bloom from opening fully during the night.


At 12:29 AM, Anonymous AmazonMama said...

I ran across your blog while searching for more information on my "Mystery" Epiphyllum.

When I left San Diego for Minnesota close to 15 years ago, I brought my precious Epis with me. Unfortunately, Minnesota killed them all in one snap freeze (the enclosed porch wasn't enough protection).

My husband and I recently relocated to Wisconsin and I found my "Mystery Epi" in the local grocery store. It had no identifying tags and no grower source. I have had it now for about 6 months and it has almost doubled in size. This year's growth is close to 36".

From studying several pictures, I believe it is an Epiphylum Oxypetalum. It will be fun to see if it blooms next year.

By the way, I share your fascination with the desert and Joshua Tree National Forest. My grandmother lived there up until her passing last year. The only thing I miss about California is the desert and good mexican food!

At 9:45 AM, Blogger lascaux said...

Bloom time is, of course, hard-wired into the plant's genetic code. However it could be that your California climate that time of year is sufficiently cool enough by then to slow the plant's metabolism (enzymes if I recall my basic botany?) causing it to flower on into morning. ...In theory, I suppose, one could achieve the same result with a refrigerator (next to the rice pudding?); if, say, one were involved in a sensitive photographic project.


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