Sunday, February 27, 2005

A backlit bloom

The picture below was taken on 2 August 2000, representing the third time the cereus plant had bloomed -- both in that summer and during its existence. (The first bloom appeared during June, a story related in my cereus FAQ here, in the third question.) I was experimenting with backlighting, trying for an eerie effect. Since that time I have become slightly more proficient with Photoshop, resulting in a somewhat improved picture, thanks in part to an online tutorial entitled "Instant Photoshop". I have a gentleman named Al Moller from tne National Weather Service to thank for that; Al presents wonderful slideshows of his photographs (not all concerning weather phenomena) at Severe Storms conferences.


At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I've taken several pics of my own Nigh Blooming Cereus, but none like this. Looks great! I have unfortunately transplanted mine into my yard in NE Florida last fall....big mistake! Apparently I didn't protect it enough one recently very chilly night and it's mostly dead now. Any tips on what to do with it now? I've had it for 15+ years and I really hate to lose it. Thanks!

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Toadly Cereus said...

you can dig it up and re plant in some fast draining soil, and baby it along. withhold water for 7 days and then water it spairingly for about 30 days and then regular after that. It should recover nicely. YOu will have to remove the red and damaged leaf parts. you may root these if they are green in parts they are easy to root in water. If you decide to leave it out you can just keep doing what you do and protect it with a tent or cold frame should do well in your area for the hardest part of your winter. It does not take cold for long periods below 50 deg.F but it will take a little. Hope this will help you.


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