Sunday, April 10, 2005

Lake Tahoe 3/31-4/2/05

These pictures were taken at Lake Tahoe over spring break. This first one was taken on March 31st, at Sand Harbor State Park on the east side of the lake. This is on the Nevada side and there was a nice short hike there.

While I really like this next picture, the sunrise on April Fool's Day was actually far more reddish than my Olympus C-4040Z camera is able to record. I also photographed this scene with 100 speed Fuji and 400 speed Kodak film.

Later that same day, we observed lenticular clouds hovering over the lake. These lens-shaped, often layered clouds are associated with flow over mountains.

Finally, a sunset shot showing the pier at Zephyr Cove, again on the lake's east side.


At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,
I was so happy to see your pictures of your blooming cereus. I have had this plant in my family for many years and no one could seem to tell me it's name. This plant is an example of God's handy work. Last year my plant had over 8 blooms and so far this year it's bloomed 2 times and has 3 or more blooms coming within the next week. It was good to know that these plants need lots of fertilizing because this is the first year I have fertilized mine. By the way, I love in North Carolina and my plant normally bloom August through September. I leave it outside starting May and bring it in before the threat of frost.
Again, thank you for sharing your information about your cereus.



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